Threat Scanning

Threat Scanning is a critical privacy and security practice; however many businesses do not know where to start. It scans your “front door”, your website and your firewall.

Publicly facing assets like websites and firewalls are entry ways to bigger and better things like customer data. Nefarious actors are always looking for an easy way to get into your company’s ecosystem.

Our system scans and alerts you of vulnerabilities. Scanning best practices recommend frequent scanning, remediation of findings, and documenting of scan results and rescanning to show proof of remediation.

It will scan your WordPress website and your firewall monthly, reporting findings and documenting monthly scans.

Our system protects your business and sends you a monthly Privacy Wellness Report of your scans and potential vulnerabilities so you can take immediate action. Be in front of cyber criminals and lock your front doors with CSR Threat Scanning.

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WordPress Website Scanning

Businesses rely on their websites to be the virtual entrance to familiarizing and interacting with their business. Websites need to be open 24 hours, 7 days a week and that can only happen if the site is protected from malware, viruses, etc.

Often websites are hijacked to prove their lack of security. This is a public relations nightmare and it causes an increase in technology spend to resolve the issue.

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system used today, holding 62% of the market share.

The popular open source content management system allows third party developers to develop and publish “plug-ins” that are used across the WordPress community which creates vulnerabilities that are nearly impossible to manage on your own.

Monthly scanning of your WordPress site will help you identify needed updates and eliminate vulnerabilities on your website so you can keep your virtual front door open to your potential customers.

CSR Threat Scanning scans your website and alerts you of known vulnerabilities of plugins, your active theme, and the WordPress version you are on. Be ahead of the game and protect your company’s virtual front door.

Firewall Threat Scanning

An open doorway into your network is the prey to the cyber criminal predator. Easy prey is what every cyber criminal is looking for.

Businesses need to create internal networks that have at least one open door to traffic going in and out, but often multiple doors are opened or not protected at the level they should be.

These doors are called ports and these ports don’t all have to be open. Open ports need to be protected with proper levels of encryption and/or monitored to protect the data that is being transferred on these information highways.

CSR Threat Scanning scans your firewall and alerts you of your potential vulnerabilities so you can take action to remediate discovered vulnerabilities.