Data Subject Access Request

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are becoming common with time. People’s eyes are open to the awareness of their privacy rights with the institution of more privacy regulations; the increase of data breaches; and data harvesting and sharing scandals.

Individuals are exercising their right to submit a DSAR.  CCPA and GDPR are two of the regulations that are in the data security and privacy spotlight, however more regulations are coming.

Comply with DSAR regulations in a few clicks.

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What If I get a DSAR?

If your company receives a DSAR, you need to respond to that request and ensure you abide by required privacy regulations, such as CCPA and GDPR. You also should document all activities on each request to prove that your data management processes follow best practices.

What Challenges Do Organizations Face?

Recent surveys reveal that despite the implementation of stricter privacy regulations like the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), most companies are not prepared to handle such requests. According to research, 58% of companies were unable to meet GDPR’s requirement of addressing data requests within a one-month timeframe.

Even if your business is not in California you may have to follow the CCPA regulations on subject requests.  States like California, New York, Nevada, Florida, and others have released or are working on their own privacy bills. Whether you deal with customers from a state, country, or multiple regions, you have to ramp up your DSAR game. Failure to do this can land you in hot water and cost your business thousands if not hundreds of thousands. The CCPA outlines penalties of $2500 for each violation, multiply that times the number of people in your database, it adds up quickly. In addition, you can also lose customers and face reputational damage.

CSR Privacy Solutions has designed a highly-advanced system to help you easily manage DSAR requests.

Who Should Consider CSR’s DSAR Solution?

CSR’s Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) solution empowers you to handle, process, and respond to data requests from any customer and be compliance to regulations via a secure and centralized DSAR solution.

  • Documentation – Easily prove compliance on required response times and all DSAR actions with automated logging
  • Security – Various Security Access levels to ensure only necessary information is shared with users completing the DSAR request
  • Centralization – All requests are managed through a central platform
  • Clear Communication – Real-time, system generated notifications
  • Consumer Transparency – Data Subjects receive automated DSAR status notifications
  • Auditing – Track all activities from request to submission, including notifications, status changes, notes, etc.