This past weekend—at the privacy and data protection industry’s first i-Sigma conference—hundreds of attendees discovered what the future will look like for shredding companies. As the long-predicted transition to an economy less dependent on paper gains more and more momentum, the truth is clear: If shredding companies want to continue to grow and thrive, they must become data security companies.

The conference in Denver, Colorado, was the first event for i-Sigma, the organization created after the merger of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and PRISM, the association for records storage companies. The event was a hit and featured several highly attended sessions, including a keynote address from Hall of Fame football legend Howie Long.

But the main draw wasn’t the great food, entertaining happy hours, celebrity keynotes, or amazing Denver weather.

(We are kidding about the weather.)

The main draw—like every destruction event—was the exceptional content from industry experts.

Though we are biased, two sessions stood out.

On Thursday, April 12, Steve Green, Vice President of Sales and Marketing here at CSR Privacy Solutions, presented “Evolving for Profits and Survival: Growing from a Shredder into a Data Security Company.” The session, sponsored by Boehringer Capital, saw Steve speak to a packed crowd about creating a sustainable business model in the face of lighter demand for shredding services.

In the final session of the event, Dr. Ross Federgreen, CEO and Founder of CSR, led a presentation titled “The Last Domino: How Removing ‘Proof of Damages’ Will Intensify Demand for Data Protection and Governance Services.” Over the course of an hour, Dr. Federgreen reviewed a rapidly changing legal and regulatory landscape with attendees, including the probable state-by-state adoption of privacy and data protection laws modeled after Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Taken together, the overall message of the conference and these two presentations drove home a point every shredding company needs to understand: Shredding paper isn’t enough. When it comes to data protection and privacy regulations, customers—especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — are desperate for guidance, insight, and expertise.

They need more than just their paper shredded.

They need their data secured.

That message was heard loud and clear as attendee after attendee expressed strong interest in making the transition to becoming the data security company every SMB needs.

“Within the next 2-3 years, most states will adopt laws that aggressively protect the data and privacy rights of consumers,” said Dr. Federgreen. “California—one of the ten largest economies in the world—has already passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, modeled directly after the GDPR. Like Europe, this law governs the compliance requirements of businesses that serve Californians, regardless of where they are located. We fully expect states across the nation to adopt similar laws.”

While most industries view additional regulations as a burden, the secure-destruction industry has always been a little different. Most shredders rightly view their work as a combination of both a public and private service.

What do we mean by that?


Like all businesses, shredders must be profitable.

Unlike other industries, shredders are charged with an important public service: Protecting the data and privacy of everyday people.

Shredding companies are distinctive businesses run by exceptional leaders who understand just how important their work is—for both their client and their client’s client. That means the transition to becoming a data security company isn’t just an opportunity to generate more revenue.

It’s an opportunity to better serve and protect SMBs and the general public from the devastating consequences of a data breach. Becoming a data security company means helping businesses and consumers tackle one of the most important economic and societal challenges of the 21st century: the protection of personally identifiable information (PII).

At the i-Sigma conference, shredding company after shredding company answered that call.

But you don’t need to have attended the i-Sigma event to become a data security company.

Here at CSR Privacy Solutions, our suite of products and services are designed to help shredders answer the call from SMBs and the general public to navigate a world awash with PII and the constant potential for data breaches.

We would be proud to help your shredding company become the data security company your clients need.

Even if you couldn’t make it to Denver.

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